We are aware of how important it is to properly protect privacy and personal data within our clients companies. We understand the growing risks for entrepreneurs resulting from dynamically changing personal data regulations. Together with our customers, we take steps to reduce these risks and ensure personal data security within their companies.

We have been providing legal assistance in the field of personal data protection for over 10 years and our clients may be confident that they are dealt with by professional advisors who can be trusted.

We explain the nuances and complexities of data protection law in a concise and accessible manner.

Our lawyers:

  • are the authors of the Binding Corporate Rules for one of the largest American companies, which enables sending personal data within the capital group
  • provide training on personal data protection for employers and employees
  • regularly publish articles on data protection in the press and participate in radio broadcasts
  • act as DPIs in companies
  • carry out personal data protection audits, helping data controllers to perform their duties properly
  • advise clients from various sectors of the market, which include: finance, medical services, mining, sports and entertainment

As part of our data protection practice, our services include:

  • analysis and evaluation of processes and means used to process personal data
  • implementation of the GDPR regulation
  • personal data protection audits
  • preparation or adaptation of documents (consent clauses, personal data processing agreements, GDPR information clauses) to the regulations on personal data protection
  • acting as Data Protection Officer