Disputes are an integral part of running any business. Our experience includes conducting court and administrative proceedings for each market segment, for smaller enterprises and international corporations as well. We are aware that litigation may significantly affect the financial condition of our clients’ enterprises. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our services bring measurable effects to the clients, also in terms of time and cost.

As part of the practice of court disputes, we have developed a methodology for conducting the case in a way that increases the chance of success. As part of the case:

  • we comprehensively analyze and determine the facts
  • we assign lawyers to each case who combine skills and knowledge of procedural law and the field of law to which the dispute relates
  • together with our clients we develop a strategy of conduct, taking into account alternative solutions and possibilities, including amicable dispute resolution methods and interventions before third country authorities
  • we conduct disputes with the utmost care for the company’s reputation and good name. In particular, we ensure that our clients’ business relationships are not damaged

Our experience includes representing clients before:

  • all instances of American courts, including the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • arbitration tribunals
  • Constitutional Tribunal
  • National Chamber of Appeal
  • Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • enforcement authorities
  • mediators
  • liquidators and creditors