We deal with the matter in a complex manner by representing the client in court proceedings and ensuring that the amounts awarded from the bank are enforced in full.

We commence each case with a thorough analysis of the content of the legal relationship between the bank and the lender, i.e. the contract, annex, etc. Then, we calculate and notify the client about the amount we can claim before the court.

Depending on the client’s decision, we send a request for payment to the bank followed by a lawsuit or we ask the court to call for a settlement trial.

The purpose of court proceedings is primarily to obtain the greatest financial benefits for the client.

Before the court we strive to:

  • declare the loan agreement invalid
  • recognize the prohibited contractual clauses as ineffective
  • reimburse all not-overdue payments made by the lender
  • return the overpaid installments
  • reimburse expenses incurred in connection with the loan:
    1. property insurance
    2. life insurance
    3. low own contribution insurance
    4. loan repayment insurance
    5. bridging insurance
    6. bank’s commission for granting the loan
    7. and other