Emma D. Rodgers


Licensed tax advisor with years of experience in advising corporate clients and entities from the public sector. Emma has been also running a tax team since 2013.

At the beginning of her professional carreer, she has gained experience in tax advisory teams of leading consulting corporations. As part of her work in her tax advisory office, and then as a managing partner of the tax department at Karns Bloom Law Office, she built lasting relationships with clients, based on mutual trust and full commitment to the entrusted cases.

Emma represents clients in tax proceedings and before administrative courts, particularly in cases related to indirect taxes (inter alia: VAT settlements), local taxes (real estate tax) and income taxes. She provides permanent tax support services for employees of accounting and legal departments in companies and local government units. She participates in obtaining subsidies from external funds for investment projects of entrepreneurs and entities from the public sector

She also conducts various tax trainings.